Gone Fishing

Project Info

Plunge into the aquatic journey of Gone Fishing, originally conceived as an exercise in looping fish animation. A simply designed particle flow brought to life a mesmerizing shoal of fish, moving in a truly natural way. As the project unfolded, an overcast lighting setup and intricate water materials elevated it into a captivating short film depicting a worm’s day out fishing.

This endeavor provided the perfect opportunity to test and embrace the latest Octane features, including the revolutionary AI de-noiser. The integration of this cutting-edge tool not only enhanced the project’s visual quality but also proved to be a time-saving marvel, shaving off valuable hours from the rendering process.


Music: Dj Trax Soul Travelling, feat Becki Biggins

Dj Trax info: soundcloud.com djtrax djtrax.bandcamp.com

Sound Effects: BBC Sound Effects – bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk

3D, Animation, Post Production and Editing by Dean Warner

Stills from the video.

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