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Minute by Minute

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Delving into Unreal Engine 5: A Lighting and Texturing Journey

In this Unreal Engine 5 project, we’ve embarked on an extensive exploration of lighting techniques and harnessed the full potential of Datasmith’s import and export tools. Our success story is further enriched by tapping into Megascans’ vast library of model and texture assets. Notably, the rendering speed achieved with Lumen lighting technology continues to amaze.

Follow the journey on a wooded planet with an accelerated day/night cycle

Quixel Mixer takes center stage, playing a pivotal role in crafting textures for the Astronaut 3D model, a creation by the esteemed Domenico D’Alisa. The project springs to life through Mixamo, providing realistic walking animations that elevate the immersive experience.

A huge thanks and gratitude to DJ Trax for his exceptional audio work, which enriches “Minute by Minute” with an otherworldly and atmospheric soundscape.

Stay tuned for more updates! #UnrealEngine5

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Audio Design by DJ Trax:


3D, Animation, Post Production and Editing by Dean Warner

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