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Planetary Rover

Project Info

The Planetary Rover started as an exercise in modelling and kit bashing for a quicker way of adding detail. A number of vehicle models and the Hard Surface Kitbash Pack 01 from Andrew Averkin were combined to create a planetary exploration vehicle.
The rest of the project was inspired by the informative tutorial “Octane Mars Environment” from David Ariew of Arievvisuals. The tutorial shows from start to finish how to create a fully detailed Martian environment. Extra thanks to Mr Davids for the use of his Photogrammetery Rock Pack Toolkit.


Music: Audiologist – Kneel – soundcloud.com/theaudiologist
Additional sound: Apollo 16 Highlights – Nasa Audio Archive

Hard Surface Kitbash Pack 01 from Andrew Averkin

Photogrammetry Rock Pack Toolkit

Travis Davids – www.artstation.com/mrdavids

David Ariew – Detailed Mars Landscape – Tutorial
David Ariew – arievvisuals

3D Modelling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Post Production and Editing by Dean Warner

360 Turntable of the Planetary Rover.

Stills of the Planetary Rover.

Alternative lighting setups.

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